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About UtilitiseIT

Founded in 2016 by Steven Gray, a seasoned IT leader with distinguished tenures across a number of ASX200 organisations, Utilitise IT Pty Ltd was born with a vision. Our mission wasn't just about aiding organisations modernising their desktop devices. It was about seizing the opportunity to redefine the End User Computing function, ensuring a superior service outcome for users, which extends to broader IT service offerings.

At Utilitise IT, we believe a platform refresh transcends mere hardware upgrades. It’s a pivotal moment for an organisation to:


Align IT goals with overarching service objectives.


Navigate the myriad of technological options for effective deployment.


Ensure a seamless user transition experience, minimising downtime and rapidly building user competency.


Manage the environment cost-effectively while upholding compliance and service goals.

With over two decades of IT Management expertise spanning various sectors, our team is driven by one primary goal, transforming technology environments to enhance service capabilities. We pride ourselves on our proven track record in IT transformation, consistently delivering improved service outcomes and cost optimisation.

Our perspective on technology services is clear-cut, rooted in years of operational experience. We understand what's vital, how to deliver it, and most importantly, how to elevate service outcomes for end users.

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When we're not on-site serving our customers around the world, we operate from this location.

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