User-centred methodology

User-centred methodology

A key philosophy for technology enabling projects at Utilitise IT is that adoption planning is the key to success. For this reason, our certified Change & Deployment specialists are engaged throughout the change journey. Our approach includes:

  1. Requirements Gathering – A guided discovery session will help to map business requirements to suitable applications within the Microsoft 365 suite resulting in a tailored implementation plan with users being front-of-mind. The workshop will involve key stakeholders to understand the features to suit the organisation and it’s people.
  2. Adoption planning – Working with our team of specialists, the structured workshops begins with a demonstration of the Microsoft 365 tools being implemented. A workforce analysis is undertaken to determine applicable scenarios for using each tool. A persona analysis takes into consideration the variety of learning styles and unique challenges that exist. We breakdown the complexity of Microsoft 365 into bite size easy to consume programs of work. Following the workshop, a communication plan and training plan will be developed.
  3. Implementation – Working with you, not just for you. We believe in the development of your people. This means that our experienced consultants can partner with your existing staff to achieve the desired outcome. Alternatively, free your IT staff to focus on new, strategic initiatives while our experts do the work.
  4. Training and Deployment – These two distinct processes are coupled together, with deployment aligned to a ‘Just-in-time’ training session. The user is trained via an interactive engagement session where they learn how to use the tools, on the tools. The user should be able to return to their desk and use Microsoft 365 immediately, with on-demand resources available to them, such as Quick Reference Cards and short ‘how-to’ videos.
  5. On-going partnership – The transformation doesn’t stop here. A subscription to Microsoft 365 means that the platform is constantly evolving. On-going training can be provided as both refresher and update sessions, allowing organisations to continue to take advantage of the ever-increasing value of the modern workplace.