Mammoth Health partners with UtilitiseIT to move online during coronavirus pandemic

Through the support of a Geelong workplace transition specialist, Mammoth Health last week completed moving its range of clinical and advisory services and an extensive retail offering to online.

Business owner Mary Petherick said Mammoth Health started offering online consultations about four weeks ago.

“Because we have transitioned it so easily to online, none of our patients have dropped off, and this is when our patients need us the most,” she said.

The Highton store, which remains open, has also made its retail offering of “thousands” of different products online with the portal including sign in capacity for regular clientele.

Ms Petherick fast-tracked the transformation using Geelong firm Utilitise IT, founded four years ago by Steven Gray, a former director of IT Technology at KPMG.

While Utilitise IT specialises in workplace transformation for medium to large enterprises, it has launched a special package for small business to help them quickly transition to online and keep trading during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Gray said Utilitise IT had developed a package, for a fixed fee of $2000
(plus GST), than can get businesses trading online in 24 hours, or slightly longer if they have previously used online payments systems.

“We can get you up and running and take away the technology complexity, provide you with the training you need and get your business online with a level of support afterwards,” Mr Gray said.

As part of the basic package a limit set up of products will be processed for the online shopping inventory, enabling the capacity for businesses to use their own staff to build out the offer.

Now based at Federal Mills, Utilitise IT has a team of 12 that has specialised in modern workplace transformation using Windows 10 and implementing the Microsoft 365 suite for clients across sectors and varying sizes from small business to large enterprises.

Over the last couple of years ago, it extended its offer to manage IT services in the SME space.

“The technology challenges of the SME market are exactly the same as large enterprise,” Mr Gray said.

“They have to address cyber security issues, manage data breach risks, and to maintain regulatory compliance and privacy obligations.”

Mr Gray said he hoped the basic online transformation package he was offering would be an entrée to a longer relationship with the businesses.

Mammoth Health quickly identified the threat of the coronavirus outbreak and much of what has been done is fast-tracking plans that had already been developed with Utilitise IT which manages its IT.

Ms Petherick insisted the transformation, which includes no hosting their own health advisory webinars, was as seamless as it was necessary to survive.

“That whole business model has basically change overnight,” she said. “But we are here to look after our community, and that is fundamentally why we are doing it.”

Article originally published in the Geelong Advertiser on the 13 April, 2020.