Advantages for Healthcare Agencies

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Advantages for healthcare agencies
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Reduce IT Costs

Why spend capital on IT infrastructure when you need only to pay for the services you need? Utilitise IT can assist you in reducing capital outlay and pay for only the services and equipment you actually need and use on a monthly basis. The equipment and systems can be maintained and updated by Utilitise IT ensuring they are at the latest patch and software levels. Your energy costs to run dedicated servers will reduce, and valuable office space can be returned for other uses. Utilitise IT can assist your agency to minimise your IT costs through our knowledge of and experience in the provision of Managed Services to agencies and businesses.
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Leverage the Modern Workplace

Why spend capital on IT infrastructure when you need only to pay for the services you need on a monthly basis? Utilitise IT can plan and implement your move to Microsoft 365 from planning the transition through to improving your user adoption. Utilitise IT can assist you to improve user productivity, enabling the ability for your team to be able to work on their core systems anywhere, leveraging the value of modern workplace technologies.

Increase Security Compliance

Capitalise the benefits that are offered by Cloud Computing to ensure your agency is in the best position to prevent any intrusion or hacking attempts to steal, encrypt or alter your agency’s systems and data. And in turn, avoid the bad publicity and penalties that could be incurred if your agency security defences are breached. Ensure you remain compliant with regulatory requirements through the experience and knowledge Utilitise IT can offer.
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Ensure Backups and Availability

Cloud hosting offers advantages of reliability, availability and backup that cannot be matched in an “On-Premises” solution based in your agency. Cloud hosting also provides the ability to operate from any location and recover quickly from local disaster situations that previously may take days or weeks to recover your operations. Utilitise IT can ensure your backup regime is maintained and assist in providing options and pathways for a speedy recovery in the case of disaster recovery.

Industry Expertise

Utilitise IT is a proud Global Health partner and can provide guidance, delivery expertise on their suite of products for client management and referral management. In addition to this our team have expertise with the implementation and management of other Healthcare products including Best Practice, Medical Director, ZedMed, e-Tools, Clinko and Argus. We can help you to implement or improve the management of these systems so that you can meet your regulatory requirements requirements and critically have the tools working for your teams, so they can improve their engagement with clients.
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