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Utilitise IT Pty Ltd formed in 2016 with a goal to assist organisations on their path to Windows 10 and improved Device Management. Critically, we see this as an opportunity to not just upgrade existing platforms and taking well trodden path of device refreshes, but by leveraging the value of the new platforms to redefine the End User Computing function and deliver a better service outcome for end users.

A platform refresh is more than new hardware or an operating system upgrade, it is a critical time for an organisation to consider the:

  1. Service goals and the alignment of the IT organisation and partners,
  2. Underpinning technology and navigating the multiple options available to support an effective deployment,
  3. End user experience of transition to minimise down time and build user competency quickly, and
  4. Management of the environment ensuring compliance and service goals are realised in a cost effective way.

Utilitise IT is focused on delivering improved outcomes to organisations by defining a clear End User Compute strategy, through implementation to the productive adoption of users – not just installing new devices on the user’s desk.

Our goal at Utilitise IT is to assist organisations on their journey to transform their technology environments and improving service capability.We have staff with over 20 years of IT Management experience including Operations, Program, and IT General Management roles across multiple sectors.We’re motivated by improving service outcomes for organisations, through technology modernisation and organisational design to support these service goals. We have a proven track record of IT Transformation driving improved service outcomes and cost optimisation.

When it comes to the technology services that IT departments provide their staff, as a practitioner with many years of operational accountability, UtilitiseIT has a clear vision on:
1. what is important,
2. how to deliver it, and
3. improving service outcomes for end users.

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